Wellness Alliance Inc. is a non profit that engages with advocacy for healthcare betterment and community wellness outreach.

our practice 

wide range Expertise in research based health and wellness 

healthcare wellness policy proposals


We initiate and advocate for new healthcare legislation that promotes wellness into the current medical models .


community wellness 


We analyze current medical models and recommend them on how to promote wellness .

We provide wellness recommendations,  wellness coaching and resources.

academic wellness 

Senior Architect

We promote holistic wellness in academia and share initiatives to broaden students wellness culture and boost their health

Wellness Coaching


Wellness Alliance is available to offer sliding scale and affordable cost, individual wellness and health coaching .





Wellness Alliance consults on corporate wellness programs

 about how to improve your  employees  & clients well being



Senior Architect

Wellness Alliance is interested in advocating for new housing designs that  promote well being for young and disadvantaged .

Passionate about helping community  achieve a better well being 

Wellness Alliance is a consulting and educational wellness service for businesses and public institutions about how to increase w‚Äčellness and quality of life through research-based tools. Wellness Alliance has a holistic nursing paradigm, that integrates the body, mind and soul. Its mission is to promote holistic wellness into real world.