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11 natural ways to fight depression

1. Exercise ! - Even a small amount of exercise is very useful for a better mental and emotional state. The condition is to repeat it regularly - in the long run, physical exercise has the potential to improve and cure any depression. You can choose any favorite physical activity - dance, yoga, outdoor walks, ... gym fitness

2. Be involved in a stable emotional relationship or be married - It has been found that married people have greater life satisfaction and are happier in the long run.

3. Have sexual activity in emotionally satisfying relationships

4. Do relaxation /stretching/ yoga / meditation exercises -A regular practice of meditation, yoga, relaxation, stretches predisposes to a better psyche. The condition is to practice it regularly starting from  1-2 times a week at several.

5. Socialize and frequently connect with those you are close and you love - in person or virtually.

6. Connect on a regular basis with people with same interests, aspirations and passions- Your circle of friends where you hang out creates the premises for your success, the more inspiring , motivating and proactive they are , the more you will be better encouraged into the right direction as well 

7. Live with intention and follow your aspirations and deep passions! Align in your actions to follow your aspirations and dreams !

8 Help others, making the most of your own potential and talents- The more you help others , you detach from your own worries and sorrows, giving you satisfaction and fulfillment. You can help in various ways 

9 Belong to stable communities with the same interests and proactive aspirations. Belong to spiritual communities It has been found that those who are part of spiritual communities are healthier.

10.Get natural supplement- Such as Saint John's Wort , Use a coach, counselor or psychologist

11. Have a grateful and positive attitude,  focus on solutions and appreciate your strengths,  victories and achievements so far!