community clincs

Influence community clinics to offer  health and wellness educational tools, a health coaching network, holistic services, complementary therapies, as well as health and wellness workshops and activities for their patient population. Assist them with educational tools and recommendations.

medical clinics

Influence medical clinics to change their medical care model into a holistic one that is focused on client empowerment ,health awareness and education, wellness and prevention, with extensive services that support them. Assist them with educational tools and recommendations.

supporting agents

Influence contributing agents such as regulating organizations and health insurers that support these clinics towards a reformed medical model that cover/promote holistic wellness

healthcare and environmental health related  policy 

Influence and persuade leadership, legislators into reformed regulations and policies in this field, that support wellness based prevention in education, healthcare, nursing facilities, prisons,...

city projects for well being

Advocate and recommend new city projects that support spiritual emancipation, health and wellness education and promotion.

In future- planning to get involved with housing projects for disadvantaged populations and other real estate projects to advocate for spaces that predispose to well being.

projects for schools and public institutions

-local & international

Advocate for  improving wellness culture through recommendations of  measures ,services, activities ,space remodeling that promotes wellness for students,/employees and customers.